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What can we offer you?

We produce exclusive hand knit collections on demand for a few and carefully selected European fashion designers, sport brands, and for leading brands of hand knitting yarns.

Our range of products   

We make all kind of hand knit and crochet garments, accessories and home interior on demand and in close collaboration with you. Each item is made completely by hand and needles combined with the artesian hand knit skills of the knitter. Please note that we do not use hand knitting machines of any sort. 

We handle all hand knit techniques

Our skilled knitters handle easy knit to intricate knitting techniques, such as cables, multicolored patterns, lace and brioche. Intricate details such as embroideries and pearls on the garments are also offered. 


Excellent hand knit skills  

As some of our skilled knitters have been employed for more than 30 years, they are continuously educating our newer knitters, and by doing so the high knitting competence is well kept in the company.


How is our prototype and production planning?
The first prototype period will normally take between 4-8 weeks from start up to final confirmation, depending on present material (final English instructions, model available or not, or sketches only) and yarn arrival.
Our delivery time for a final order depends on the order size, order variety, yarn delivery and our capacity during the part of year. Some months are more busy than others, and we deliver on time as the planning is done well. 

The production and logistics planning is managed from the head office in Mt Lavinia by Uthpala and her staff, and the order is being produced in one of the 14 knitting centers in rural areas of Sri Lanka. 

All products are being hand knitted by the supervision of the center leaders, in order to meet the high knitting quality our customers are expecting, as well as the gauge and measurement requirements. The final quality check on all products is made by our three Quality Controllers to secure the highest customer satification.
We label and pack each product according to the customer´s wish.
How do you go forward?
When you send your request, our procedures are the following:
When you make a request, we will contact you to discuss all your questions. We will ask you about your wishes, expected quantities and delivery time. 
Next step we will hand knit the prototype(s), based on your input (instructions, sketches, pictures or model) and the yarn sent from you or your supplier. The prototypes are sent to you by mail as pictures and measurement information, or as garment sent by UPS to you, for your confirmation. At this point we will also be able to send you a final Euro price offer and plan our production capacity.
When you send the final order, we will confirm expected delivery time and ship the order to your delivery address. We normally send by air to the destination address.
Watch our knitters at work
Watch our quality controller at work

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